About Michèle Goffin

A former investment banker, I have been taking photos for over 15 years.  Getting out of the work environment of offices and airplanes was literally a breath of fresh air!  Behind the lens, I am inspired by the everyday beauty that surrounds us. 

I welcome all inquiries.  Please let me know if you like a particular photo or genre.  I have many images in my files and tend to customize a selection depending on your aesthetic tastes.  Interior designers particularly like the flexibility of choice and color variation that I can render.   Please understand that some of the images can be made quite large (36" x 36" or more) and most can crisply accommodate a 20" x 20" format.  I can also either do the framing - especially for smaller pieces - but am happy just to send the printed photo.   My goal is to create affordable images that can be enjoyed.

I have been encouraged by my family members who are artists including my Belgian grandmother -  a painter; my mother - an avant garde at heart; my sister Katia - a landscape architect in the DC area;  and my little sister Anne -  a painter, living in New Jersey.   Thankfully, my professor Josh Sanseri at SMC taught me how to use the camera beyond the "automatic" mode!


Many thanks for your interest.